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So, a little about what I have written over the years. Apart from a few idealistic youthful compositions, the pieces I have written have been for specific groups or situations. Practical music, in other words. With a few exceptions, my compositions and arrangements have been relatively undemanding for choirs, even if the accompaniments for piano or organ may need some looking at.  Much of my music is written in the Norwegian language. As a British organist living in Norway I have rather felt that I ought to support Norwegian, especially its Nynorsk form. Locally, this works rather well, but in terms of having my music performed in other countries I realise that I have painted myself into a corner, since not many people outside Scandinavia will be particularly interested in performing music in Norwegian. So, largely speaking, Norwegian music, composed or arranged by an Englishman, presented on an English language website ....   I would ask anyone who might want to use my music to report its use to the local performing society. In Norway, this will be TONO, in Britain it would be the PRS for music organisation. There are such organisations in most countries. I would also ask you not to use photocopies of the pieces which are published. Support the businesses which publish music, they will gradually disappear if we choose to run off 40 copies when we should really be purchasing the music. There are many pieces here which are not published and they can be photocopied as much as you want. But please report performance details of those, as well as those which are published, to your local organisation. SATB SSA TTBB Organ Other a bit about the music................
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