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Welcome   to   my   website!      This   site   was   originally   written   while   I   was   working   in   Norway   to   try   to   make   my   compositions   and arrangements   more   widely   known   and   available.   I   lived   in   Norway   between   1985   and   2017,   playing   the   organ,   conducting   choirs, teaching the piano, writing music and, of course, playing for services, weddings, funerals and andakts, (devotional meetings). In   2017,   I   moved   back   to   England   and   am   now   living   in   Compton,   a   few   miles   south   of   Oxford where I am available for organ playing, teaching, conducting and composition/arranging. Norway   is   one   of   the   few   countries   in   the   world   where   it   is   possible   to   be   a   full-time   organist. Almost   10%   of   organists   are   non-Norwegians,   although   there   are   probably   fewer   British   organists     now   than   in   the   1980s   and   90s.      Most   of   the   compositions   and   arrangements   I   have   produced since   I   came   to   Norway   have   been   written   for   choirs   and   people   with   whom   I   have   worked.   Many of   them   are   in   the   Norwegian   language   in   its   Nynorsk   variant,   so   in   a   way   I   have   rather   painted myself   into   a   corner   regarding   having   lots   of   performances.   There   is   not   a   great   deal   of   demand worldwide   for   pieces   in   Norwegian!   However,   they   are,   generally   speaking,   very   practical   and performable.   So   I’d   be   happy   if   you’d   like   to   use   them.   Some   of   them   are   published   and   are available from publishers, whilst others can be downloaded, free. Previously unpublished music by Jean Langlais Recently   I   have   been   working   with   Marie-Louise   Langlais   in   realising   several   pieces   by   Jean Langlais   which   remained   unpublished   at   the   time   of   his   death   in   1991.   There   are   songs,   a   few choral   pieces   and   a   larger   work,   produced   around   the   time   Langlais   was   working   with   Paul   Dukas in   1934/35   called   La   Voix   du   Vent.   Originally,   this   was   for   orchestra   and   choir,   but   I,   in   collaboration with   Marie-Louise   Langlais,   have   produced   a   version   for   choir   with   the   accompaniment   arranged for   two   pianists   at   one   piano.      These   engravings/realisations   can   be   found   by   clicking   on   the picture of Jean Langlais below. Marie-Louise Langlais will be happy to send scores as requested.
British organist, conductor and composer
Copenhagen Cathedral Åsane kirke, Bergen Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Sées Katholische Hofkirche, Dresden Église Sainte-Croix de Saint-Malo Jean Langlais